How to order B2B eGifts:

How to use a Costa gift card/eGift?

To be redeem in store using a QR code, the customer can print the e-gift or simple present it on their phone. There is no pin required.

What payment methods are accepted?

We can offer Pay with Bank Transfer (BACS) as a method of ticket payment available to all customers with a UK Bank account. We are also able to allow credit for those purchasing, provided they pass our credit checks.

What are the minimum and maximum balance allowed on the gift card/eGift, are there any restrictions?

£1-£150. Unlimited gift cards/eGifts can be redeemed in one transaction. The gift cards/e-gifts can be used in participating stores in England, Wales, and Scotland.

Are there bulk buying discounts?

Yes, if you spend £1,000 or more, you will receive a discount. For further information on this please email partnerships@thegiftcardteam.

When can we expect to receive the gift card/eGifts?

E-gifts will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided on the day of purchase or the following day.

What happens when the gift card/eGifts expire?

The expiry date is 12 months after the last use, this cannot be extended.

Can customers get a refund if the gift card/eGift is no longer wanted?

Gift cards/eGifts are treated as cash and cannot be returned or refunded, they also cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Do you have to spend the whole value of the gift card/eGift?

No. They can be used as payment for the whole or part of an order. Balance can be checked here.

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